The Best Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

You cant rely on The Gospel to protect your home whenever it needs it. As much as you want to believe it, it’s simply not enough. As a Florida resident, you are exposed to risks more than any other state. There is no question you will need to purchase a policy for your home.

Even for the most organized among us, sorting out home insurance can be a pain, especially when there are so many seemingly wonderful Florida homeowners insurance companies, which all seem to offer equally fantastic deals. However, for your benefit, I have sifted through thousands of company websites and narrowed it down to the top five. These five FL home insurance companies truly are the best of the best.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation boasts the most personal and commercial insurance policies in the entire state of Florida according to It caters to over a million customers and this number is still growing. It is based in Florida so it knows exactly how much coverage you Floridians need to protect your beautiful homes. They have a programme which helps homeowners protect their homes from damage; especially wind damage. They also offer their customers the opportunity to add additional coverage to their policies in the event of flooding or storm surges. They help customers design the perfect policy for their home.

State Farm

State Farm is an insurance company which holds the second most insurance policies in the state of Florida. It boats over 600,000 policies and, like with all insurance companies, this number is rapidly increasing. They offer customers the best of both worlds, from the financial benefits of being a large company, to the support which you would expect from a neighbourhood business. As well as offering first-rate insurance policies, they also invest in the communities of Florida and assists residents with the great rebuild after a particularly nasty storm.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of the best rated Florida-based insurance companies. It boasts over 100,000 policies to date. They encourage residents to make the most of what Florida has to offer whilst they take care of the aftermath of natural disasters. They offer customers the opportunity to design their own policy, which is catered to the dangers which your home faces. They also allow customers to get a quote online and, once you become a policy owner, you can access your policy and make payments online. This is truly one of the best Florida homeowners insurance companies.

Royal Palm Insurance Company

Royal Palm Insurance Company, which is part of the Tower Hill Insurance Group, provides policies to over 100,000 homeowners in Florida. They offer thousands of Floridians excellent home insurance, so they have vast amounts of experience in dealing with hurricanes and various other natural disasters.

Florida Family Insurance Company

Florida Family Insurance Company protects the homes of over 80,000 families in Florida. This company treats customers like a family, rather than a number. Customers receive personalized service with local agents operating throughout the state.

Always review Florida homeowners insurance companies at That way you can sort out which company can provide the best for your coverage needs. There are a lot of great companies out there. Be sure to take the time you need in order to do proper research.