Starwars Surprise!

Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.

Look carefully at the two images. The one on the left is the Satanic Symbol “Baphomet” or the goats head. It can be found on the cover of the “Satanic Bible”. Now look at the one on the right. It is simply the goats head inverted. Looking at the center of the star, and the two vertical “wings” you will find your old buddy “Yoda” staring you right in the face. How many young people and adults have had that image subliminally planted in their heads is beyond estimation. Going to the movies? Think again!!

You don’t believe there is a Devil? Let’s get real!! He has your ultimate destruction as his never ending goal. If you hope to escape the damnation of Hell, it is imperative that you put your faith in Christ alone. NOW! His death and resurrection in your place make it possible for you to escape Hell and gain Heaven.

We would like to be able to post a graphic of “Mephistopheles”, the Devil of the underworld he copies, but could not get permission to post the picture on our page. If you are interested, visit The Philosopical Research Society and view the graphic called the invocation of Mephistopheles. (Note: The website has changed. To see the image, scroll down when their page loads) There you will view Baphomet (the goats head – on the wall) and Mephistopheles in close proximity. Mephistopheles, to be brief, is a Devil who masquerades as a “good” or helpful being, while at heart he is an insidiously evil being. He is real, and at the same time symbolic of Satan who appears as an angel of light. Yoda is not an exact image by any means, but those who have a discerning spirit can see the deceiving hand of Satan there. For those of you who know the Scriptures, it is fascinating that Jesus Christ said about his word that “not one jot or tittle would pass away”. The word “jot” is the English transliteration of the Hebrew “Yod”, hence “Yoda”.

Yoda is a hermaphrodite. Add the “a” to “yod”, and you have a feminized proper noun.

I have gotten more mail on this page than any other. Most think I’m nuts, and that’s fine with me. When you are called to deal with your creator someday (Revelation 20:12-15 – read it!) it will be a different story.

An email from an honest soul!

“At first I too thought you were incorrect with the assertion  that the image looked like yoda, but after really examining it you can clearly  see that is what the image is. Thanks again for keeping the faith in such  a time as this.”


And Another:

Thank-you so much for pointing this truth out as YES I DO see the figure not only in the pentacal, but the image at the occult on-line store. ACK! I actually own the SW trilogy on video! One more bit of wordliness to go el-chucko into the garbage! Wow! Yes, the wiles of Satan are indeed wiley, and yet the connection with New Age occultism in SWs does mean it makes so much sense that satanic images would come out of that film series.

Thank-you VERY much for having this on the internet.

God bless,