I have been asked on several occasions, why do we believe so strongly in all the Bible teaches. There are many reasons and not all of them are in the same “vein”. We will attempt honestly to answer the question thoroughly and completely. 

External evidences.

1. We will start with the weakest argument, and yet multiplied by millions over 2000 years, it gains strength. It is simply that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will radically change the life of anyone who embraces it in sincerity and truth. Car thieves have become preachers of this life changing truth. (I happen to know one). Prostitutes and drunkards have been transformed into good wives and husbands. You get advertisements in the mail with the “testimonies” of 6 to 8 people who rave about the products benefits (and in most cases there is no way to contact any of them for verification) But here you have the testimonies of multitudes in every nation, some undergoing extreme duress for their faith, who would be eager to tell you what Jesus has done for them. Yes there are those who go to church, and profess to accept the salvation of Jesus Christ, who severely mis-represent him, but they cannot shut out the testimony of those happy souls who live anew with sins forgiven!

2. It is the most “printed” book in all of history. Even without the additional numbers of all the new “versions” which I reject as tainted, the publication and translation into other languages of the King James Bible by itself has hopelessly out-sold every other book ever printed. Since men do not really like to hear bad things about themselves, (which the Bible certainly tells), the fact of it's copious publication speaks of a miracle book.

3. Very few are neutral about the Bible. Just ask them. The reactions to it range from hatred (Check any middle east country) to abject disbelief to a reverential love. Where I might enjoy John Grisham, and you may find him boring and unintelligible, you are not likely to kill me for possessing a copy of one of his books. Move to China, or say, Eritrea for example and see how well you do toting a Bible around. Ask yourself why. There is no rational explanation. People don't kill if you carry around a copy of the Koran anywhere in the world! You may reply, that Americans are not like those places and anyone could carry any religious book around here. That is precisely the point. Christianity, which was the foundation of this country produced the most compassionate people in the world. The outpouring of help in the recent Tsunami graphically illustrates this fact. No real American would condemn anyone for any book they carried or believed.

4. The book is responsible for the founding of hundreds of thousands of churches in America and in mission fields around the globe, even in places where it is no longer wanted. Without the Bible, there would be no Christian churches (even though they differ in some of their beliefs) in America, and we would have to wonder what kind of nation we would be. It is certain that the book has had a major influence in our national life. 

Internal Evidences

Just a brief introduction. Any literature that expects its author to gain a following must be internally sound, in other words, it must put forth provable evidence to it's credit, and it must be internally consistent or any claims it makes can be dismissed.

The Bible was written over a period of 1500 years by over 40 different authors from all walks of life who  lived in different periods of history and were mostly unknown to each other. Shepherds, farmers, tent-makers, physicians, fishermen, philosophers and kings. Despite these differences in occupation, and the span of years it took to write it, the Bible is a cohesive and unified book. Let's look at some of it's internal evidence.

1. Prophesy.
There are scores of detailed events foretold by the writers of scripture that, without collusion on the part of the penmen, have come to pass just as prophesied. Here are a few of them.

No gambler would take a chance with the odds of these things happening by chance.

(Genesis 3:15) And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
Speaking of Christ:

Heb 2:14 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; 

(Genesis 12:3) And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
Speaking of Israel, the miracle nation that is alive today.

Act 3:25 Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed. 

(Genesis 22:8) And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.
Speaking of Christ, who was God in the flesh, giving himself as the lamb of God.

John 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. 
(And history records the death of Christ)

Exodu(s 12:46) In one house shall it be eaten; thou shalt not carry forth ought of the flesh abroad out of the house; neither shall ye break a bone thereof.
The passover lamb, picturing Jesus. Miraculously they did not break his bones.

(John 19:31-36) The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day, (for that sabbath day was an high day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. Then came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the first, and of the other which was crucified with him. But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs: But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water. And he that saw it bare record, and his record is true: and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe. For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken.

(Psalms 22:1) My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?
He was literally forsaken for our sakes. Psalms foretold his words of passion hundreds of year before they were cried in agony.

(Mark 15:34) And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

(Psalms 22:7,8) All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying, He trusted on the LORD that he would deliver him: let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him. 
Old Testament prophesy on his detractors speaking word foretold 1000 years ago!!

(Matthew 27:40:-43 And saying, Thou that destroyest the temple, and buildest it in three days, save thyself. If thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross.
Mat 27:41 Likewise also the chief priests mocking him, with the scribes and elders, said, Mat 27:42 He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him. He trusted in God; let him deliver him now, if he will have him: for he said, I am the Son of God.

(Psalms 22:16) For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.
How did the Psalmist know how he would die? Crucifixion was unknown in the time of David. He lived close to 500 years before the practice was born.

John 19:17-18 and he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: (John 19:18) Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst.

(Psalms 22:18) They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.
You can be sure if the soldiers had an inkling of the scripture they would not have cast lots for his garments.

John 19:23-24 Then the soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus, took his garments, and made four parts, to every soldier a part; and also his coat: now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout. They said therefore among themselves, Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be: that the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, They parted my raiment among them, and for my vesture they did cast lots. These things therefore the soldiers did.  (How do you explain THAT one?!)

(Psalms 40:14) Let them be ashamed and confounded together that seek after my soul to destroy it; let them be driven backward and put to shame that wish me evil.
Professional soldiers falling backward to the ground? Ashamed and confounded they were!

John 18:4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye? John 18:5 They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them. John 18:6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground. 

Psa 55:12 For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have borne it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him: Psa 55:13 But it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. Psa 55:14 We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company. 
The betrayal by Judas, fortold 1000 years before it occurred. Anyone want to place bets on odds like that?

(John 13:18) I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture may be fulfilled, He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me.

(Psalms 69:9) For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me.
The Pharisees had reproached God the Father and Jesus, driving them out of his house took their reproach upon himself. Again the scripture is fulfilled. 

John 2:15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables; John 2:16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise. John 2:17 And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up. 

(Psalms 69:21) They gave me also gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.
Explain how David knew some 1000 years in advance what they would give him to drink! God knew and gave David the information to help you believe
(Matthew 27:34) They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink.

(Isaiah 50:6) I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting.
Not simply crucified, but scourged, whipped bloody, spit in his face, and pulled the hair of his beard out.

(Matthew 27:26) Then released he Barabbas unto them: and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified. (Matthew 26:67) Then did they spit in his face, and buffeted him; and others smote him with the palms of their hands,

Zechariah 11:12 And I said unto them, If ye think good, give me my price; and if not, forbear. So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver. Zec 11:13 And the LORD said unto me, Cast it unto the potter: a goodly price that I was prised at of them. And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them to the potter in the house of the LORD. 
The scriptures following will show in detail the intricate detail the scripture give when attempting to show you the truth.

Mat 26:14 Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, Mat 26:15 And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. Mat 26:16 And from that time opportunity to betray him. 
Mat 27:3 Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, Mat 27:5 And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself. Mat 27:6 
And the chief priests took the silver pieces, and said, It is not lawful for to put them into the treasury, because it is the price of blood. Mat 27:7 And they took counsel, and bought with them the potter's field, to bury strangers in. 

(Micah 5:2) But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.
Prophesied over 700 years before his birth. 

(Matthew 2:1,2) Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

Jeremiah 31:15) Thus saith the LORD; A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rahel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not.
Written 600 years before Herod slew the children (confirmed in history - he did it).

(Matthew 2:16-18) Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men.  ( Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, saying,  In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.

(Psalms 69:8) I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother's children.
This one is fairly straightforward. Are you beginning to understand. The Bible is true.

(John 1:11) He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

2. Unexplained incidences of symmetry

  • The chapter and verse markings show evidence of a guiding hand. The book of Isaiah has sixty six chapters. Chapters 1 - 39 are so different in style from chapters 40 - 66, that some unbelievers espoused what they called the "Deutero-Isaiah" theory; ie. there were two different writers.  The Bible itself has sixty six books. The first 39 are the old testament and next 29 are the new.  The Bible begins it's first chapter with these words. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth".  Isaiah starts in chapter one with these words. "Hear O heavens and give ear O earth". 
  • The Bible, in Isaiah, chapter 40, verse three,  has these words, "The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. What should we expect to find in the 40th book of the Bible, which is the beginning of the new testament? Lets look:  (Matthew 3:3) For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.  Now it should not be thought unusual that there was a fulfillment of Isaiah but what is difficult to explain is its placement. However, things don't stop there. Let's try again!

  • (Revelation 21:1)[The 66th book in the Bible] " And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea."
  • Now lets try Isaiah 66, OK?  (Isaiah 66:22) For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain. Isaiah is, in some details, a microcosm of the whole Bible. 

    There is much more, but it will be added as time permits. May God in his infinite mercy open your eyes to the truth.

    Bro Rowley