Don't You Think God Is Sick Of Being Called "Mother Nature"?!
Let's Be Brutally Honest!

Abortion - Adultery - Bestiality - Bitterness - Covetousness - "Country" music (godless!) - Church on Sunday, back to "Normal" on Monday - Debate - Debt - Deceit - Drunkenness - Envy - Faithlessness - Fornication - Greed - Hatred - Immodesty in Dress - Kids in DAYCARE rather than home in MOM care - Lack of Character   Lack of Respect  Laziness - Lying - Music (No such thing as "Christian" Rock) - No Fear of God - No Joy! - No real study of the Scriptures - Perverted Bibles - Pornography  Prayerlessness - Premarital Sex (animal behavior) - Pride - Quarrelling - Racial Pride - Religious Pride - Reading Everything but the Bible -  Rebellious Children - Selfishness - Self-Righteousness - Sexual Perversion - Sloppiness - Temper - Thanklessness - Unloving Husbands - Un-submissive Wives - Violence - Wastefulness - Without Natural Affection



God created "Nature" and He controls It. If we fail to heed this warning what will He do next??

If you don't have time for reading God's word, then He'll give you something else to occupy your time. Floods, snow, wind, drought, hail. If you can't find time for prayer, if you don't care enough to give Him His due financially, He'll find other things you can do with your money. Damage repair, snow removal, doctor bills. He will not be forever ignored, and He will not go away.

When our government begins to brag about how well it is handling the economy, watch what mother nature  God  does to a country gone to seed with pride in itself! Unless there is wholesale repentance in America, what we have seen so far this year (1998) is only the beginning. Go ahead and laugh. God gets the last laugh. And he will! (Psalm 2:4).

(Update: June 2001) This page was put up in 1998. There has been no need to change the weather forecast. God's prophets were always ignored to the detriment of those who should have listened. I am NOT a prophet, but I will tell the truth. You better be sure your insurance is paid up. There is more coming!

(update: May 2003) Tornado alley in America. More on the way. What will it take for America to repent. The war in Iraq and its ensuing terror prevention is producing a police state in the United States. Onward through the fog!

(update: October 2004) Hurricane havoc in the USA. No one will even consider that God is the one in charge of the weather. The report stays the same. More to come.

(update: January 2005) Flooding, tornados, California massive mudslides, The sea and the waves roaring, [Luke 21:25 kjv]. Will America and the world wake up. Not likely.

(Update: August 2006) Massive heat waves. Not convinced yet? Global Warming? - guess again. Will God get America's attention? Don't hold your breath.

(Update: January 18, 2007) Massive Ice Storms. Produce destroyed to the tune of Billions of Dollars. Nationwide weather patterns out of wack. Will folks wake up? Israel went into captivity. Ninevah repented at the preaching of Jonah. What will it be for America? We're not likely to get much more warning. God says REPENT

(Update: June 2008), Drought, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Cylones. Frequency intensifying. WAKE UP.

Update: November 2008, God has warned us with the weather. We did not listen. Now he is witholding his blessing on our country's finances. Sodomites demanding access to our kids in the Government schools is just the beginning.

(Update: June 2009), flooding, tornados, hail, snow in the summertime. When will you wake up!! America is a moral cesspool. The forcast is for more of the same until Jesus comes. Why don't you switch sides?

(Update:April 2011), from the NY Daily news - "If it seems like there's a new natural disaster claiming the lives of thousands of people every few months, it's because it's true"
Tornado's, Tsunami's, Nuclear disaster, and now financial distress (and it's not going to get better!)Will America listen? Don't hold your breath

(Update: June 30 2012)Violent storms batter DC, Virginian, Ohio, Record heat in Kansas and still no one thinks God has anything to do with it. God's judgment lingers long,for his mercy is great, but warning after warning are ignored. It WILL get worse.

Update: June 29,2013. Record heat waves in the west, Temps in the triple digits, up to and higher than 120 in some place. Flooding in the east. It doesn't have anything to do with God? Think again!

(Update: Jan 4,2014) Record Cold temps across the country. Global warming?? But God will not be mocked. You thought you got by. Not to many hurricanes, tornadoes, but Ice-breaking ships from multiple countries stuck in the ice. God is laughing.

Pro 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Will you turn off the TV and seek the LORD? The Ten Commandments were not the Ten Suggestions. They were given to make you see your sin. America is MORALLY BANKRUPT. Without Jesus Christ, you can count on going to hell. Are you part of the problem?


You're not in a laughing mood? Good. We are not attempting to be mean or caustic. But we MUST TELL THE TRUTH! If you know Christ, will you give him your heart? If you don't, will you trust him with your soul? America has fast become a moral cesspool, and God will judge us just like He has every nation that turned its back on Him. If you need help or want to talk, we are available day and night. Let's not give God any more reason that He already has to bring worse upon us. Let's turn our hearts to Him in repentance, and trust in His sacrifice on Calvary to cleanse away our sins. Bow your head and your heart and repent. Change your mind and heart about the way you are living. Receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your sin-bearer. Throw away your country, rock, "Christian" rock, New Age music. Throw out your filthy pornographic magazines. Get hold of a King James Bible and begin reading what God has to say. God stands ready to help a helpless people. Call on Him now. For further help, see "What is the Gospel", or contact me. I care.   978 790 3529 (Cell).