Why do roses bloom and seasons change and no one see's the Lord
Tears flow hot from searching eyes, Yet so few  seek His words.
Death shows his wares each day to an unsuspecting world
and leaves unfettered brokenness. His is a ruthless sword. 
Life rose up in power, walked in Galilee
Challenged death and broke it's spell.. Gave His life to me. 
And now I understand. And see. And live! I'm free!
Oh death where is thy sting?  Oh grave, thy victory?
Defeated enemies you are, because of Calvary.
Eternity.  In HIS presence. No sin. No sorrow. JOY!!
The only tears to fall, fall in praise to his magnificence.
Eternity. A thought that blows past the finite capacity
of human intellect and puts all mans  wisdom in shallow graves.
Eternity. Alone, and Alive with HIM. My King!
My Friend. My God!