When all the great plants of our cities Have turned out their last finished work,
When our merchants have made their last bargain,  And dismissed the last tired clerk.
When our banks have raked in the last dollar, And have paid out the last dividend;
When the Judge of the earth says, "Close for the night," And asks for a balance, What then?

When the choir has sung its last anthem, And the preacher has said his last prayer,
When the people have heard their last sermon, And the sound has died out on the air.
When the Bible lies closed on the pulpit, and the pews are all empty of men;
When each one stands facing his record, And the great book is opened,
What then?

When the actors have played their last drama, And the mimic has made his last fun;
When the movies have flashed the last picture, And the billboard displayed its last run
When the crowds seeking pleasure have vanished And have gone into darkness again,
And the world that rejected its Saviour Is asked for a reason,
What then?

When the bugle's last call sinks in silence, And the long marching columns stand still,
When the captain has giv'n his last order, And they've captured the last fort and hill,
When the flag has been hauled from the masthead, And the wounded afield have checked in,
When the trumpet of ages is sounded, And we stand up before Him,
What then?

When your life, friend, has run to a finish, And the last you can do is then done,
When your work here on earth is all ended And eternity's issues begun;
As you think of how long God has pleaded, Of how Christ bore your sins on the tree,
And your soul stands there naked before Him, And the Father denies you,
What then?
Author unkown

This poem pleads with you to consider the Lord of Glory, JESUS CHRIST, who hung, bled and died, then rose from the dead to take away your guilty sin and give you eternal life and joy forever. Admit your guilt to Him (not the psychiatrist!) and ask Him to save you, and HE WILL! Want to talk about it? 978-790-3529 My name is David.

How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him; Hebrews 2:3 - Holy Bible