What Is Life?

What is life to me, Lord,
Unless for thee to die,
Retain not one small want of mine,
Just on thy grace rely;
Thy faithfulness to me, Lord,
Is all that I will need,
To shed my blood in service
Of planting precious seed.
Oh, this is life to me, Lord,
To daily bear Thy cross,
To daily have thee search my heart,
To daily burn all dross,
To daily bring to Thee, Lord,
All burdens, griefs, or cares,
To daily walk in childlike trust
Through Satan's tangling snares.
Oh Christ, The Everlasting God,
The Bread of Life to me;
The Living Water from above,
The Rock to which I flee,
In Thee is found all joy of life,
For by thy Grace and Love,
Life here for me is one great task
Reflecting God above!
Harry Goehring - martyred missionary to Pakistan .