The Star
A single star can shine a light
amidst a multitude of friends
and guide a pilgrims walk aright
and bring him to a journeys end.

Another star with dimmer glow
encased within a galaxy
cannot be seen below
But adds it's strength to others 
for travelers below.

One dark night in bethlehem
a man and woman lay
and slept upon a bed of straw
and waited for for the day.

The woman's name was Mary
within her womb a star
a star to light the darkness
for pilgrims near and far.

and so that night she bore a son -
The bright and Morning star
while overhead another
brought shepherds from the east
while angles, *lesser stars, sang out
about a man of peace.

I am the way the truth the life
that son of Mary said!
He healed the broken hearted
raised others from the dead!

He came to earth from Heaven
and dwelt in Gallilee
until one day this glorious star
came to dwell IN ME!

David Rowley 02.14.2002
*Job 37:8 / Revelation 1:20