That Elusive Love

That I could softly apprehend
that elusive love
that once I held
or rather
that once held me.
It’s power
triggered the rising of the morning sun
bringing warmth and gladness to a new day.
Engineered the ice,
embalming Winters branches
in translucent silver coffins.
destined to Spring forth
to new life and vigor

It was clear and gentle
As the charcoal night sky
sprinkled with a million points of glory
Penetrating my heart with wonder.

It was a love, high spirited, free
powerful and submissive
gentle and enchanting,
A love
That captured and distilled
the essence of life
Perfected in
rhythm and glory.

It was moving and compelling
Full of purpose and desire.
Overflowing its banks

Oh that I could find it again!
Or perhaps was it I that lost my way?
Then it will find me again! What JOY!.