God is a poet. Words fitly framed together make the heart glad. Send us something you wrote, or something that was a blessing to you that might touch someone else.

I want - William McChesney What is life? - Harry Goehring
The Other Theif - William West Brave Man  Walking - for John Francis Wilfinger
A Forgotten Friend - Mark Shannon Home! - unknown
I see Jesus - Annie Johnson Flint Red Sea Place - Annie Johnson Flint
Our Bible - Unknown A Closer Walk - Unknown
Mysterious ways - William Cowper The Preachers Wife (In memory of Nancy Rowley)
He cares for you - Marianne Farningham Why - David Rowley
No Mere Man - John Willfinger Never Alone - David Rowley
God's Firmament - Joseph Addison The Star - David Rowley
A Word of Joy - William Cowper His Ways - David Rowley
Side By Side My Tears - David Rowley
My Friend - unknown Time - David Rowley
When Tommorrow Starts - Ruth Carter Bourdon Hope - David Rowley
What Then? - unknown A song of Praise - David Rowley
Touch of The Masters Hand - Myra Brooks Welch The Race - David Rowley
Just For Fun! The Gift  - David Rowley
A Pool in the Wilderness - Sarah Lynn Jackson Hiding -  David Rowley
An Exaltation - Sarah Lynn Jackson Listening - David Rowley
Gladness - Sarah Lynn Jackson Oh Happy Day - David Rowley
His plan for me - Dicie Windsor Alone - David Rowley
Just a Dream - David Rowley Broken - David Rowley
Where is God - Amy Rowley Anderson Remembering -David Rowley
Christ Alone - Gillian Dickenson Jesus - Gillian Dickenson
His Own Received Him Not - Gillian Dickenson The Saviours Love - Amy Rowley Anderson
The Pastors Job - Amy Rowley Anderson Life - Amy Rowley Anderson

The following were submitted by a friend of Sound Doctrine who wishes to remain anonymous.
'Tis Then God Knows Worth Waiting For Sometimes No Cross No Crown