The Pastors JobPastor's Job

The Baby's dead, the baby's dead
The pastor heard her voice
It held her tears of agony
His own eyes were moist

Lord, thank-you for the promise
You'll wipe away all tears
We've shed plenty on this earth
We've had our doubts and fears

Pastor, I have cancer
I don't want to die
My kids are all very young 
I hate to see them cry

Thank you Lord for coming
And suffering for me 
I know you watched your loved ones die
And wept upon your knees

My son left home today
He was just a little kid
He said he didn't like the rules
Was it something that I did?

Lord help us to remember
When we don't understand
Our lives are always guided
By your loving hand

My wife and I can't have a child
Pastor, we don't understand
We just heard of a teenage girl
Who threw hers in a garbage can. 

Lord, help us to remember
When trials come our way
Though darkness seems to never end
The Sun will come someday

Amy Rowley Anderson
July 03, 1997