Worth Waiting for

Of silver and gold I have not a coin, nor vast wealth or riches to claim
My wallet is empty, my pockets likewise, not a penny is willed to my name
My treasure lies hid in a vault quite secure, more guarded than any a bank
Gold, silver and jewels all abound in my safe, and crowns of great value and rank
Fine velvet and linen you'll not see me wearing, I don't own fine satin and silk
At dinner we don't serve a fine 3 course meal, just simple bread, meat and milk
My heavenly garment is spotless and white, and it's going to be just my size
The great wedding feast is in preparation for the day Jesus brings back His prize
The home that I live in is humble and plain, no ivory or marble to boast
But I've got a mansion I'll live in ere long, right on the crystal sea's coast
So I'll not be discouraged whatever betide, though temptation may wait at my door
Jesus has given me life, riches and glory, so Heaven is worth waiting for