Just a dream 

In a place where dreams are born
far away in a distant land
I dreamed I saw the one I love
with the nail print in his hand. 

It seemed I saw him weeping
and all around was night
and in my dream, it was hard to tell -
 the night was as dark as the gates of hell
and terror rose up in my soul
like the waves of an ocean swell 

And then I was in a garden
where the shadow of evil was strong
and the one I love had a cup in his hand
full to the top with the sins of man
and I watched as the tears fell from his face
and the sweat drops like blood stained the ground
and I heard him say something like 'running his race'
and another voice speak 'bout something called grace
Then I watched as he drank the cup down. 

Then what was darkness turned to despair
and the powers of hell came up strong
a scream of fear rose up in my heart
and terror again pierced my soul like a dart
It was wrong, it was horribly  wrong 

But, joy! I now I see he is smiling
and the sun rises warm from the east
and the bondage and fear fell away like scales
and the waves of terror ceased 

And then in my dream a great wonder
before I awoke I did see
the one that I love
who drank from the cup
Turned his sweet smile on me. 

for a friend.