Unto His own He came to teach,
The father's Kingdom, and did preach
God's mighty love, once out of reach,
And showed the righteous way.

He came to do His father's will,
And ,on the earth the law, fulfill,
With holy hand s and heart ne'er still,
He taught them night and day.

To crowds he, with compassion, came, 
To heal the blind, the deaf, the lame,
And God's Son, Jesus, was His name,
Whom, one day, they'd betray

The wicked did ,for silver, buy
The body of the Lord most high,
And ,to the shout of 'Crucify!',
He was mocked and led away

God's Holy Lamb, unjustly tried,
Bore shame as on the cross he died,
And yet, "Forgive them Lord!" He cried,
The last to them He'd say.

Disciples then in grief and gloom,
Were soon to find the empty tomb,
See Him appear through their locked room,
Arisen the third day.

Then, counselled He them what to do,
To seek the holy, pure and true,
Said, '"The Comforter I'll send to you,
As I must go away."

"Be strong !" said Jesus to His men,
For I shall surely come again,
Go preach My Gospel until then,
And I for you will pray."

Then, "Peace!" said He, "Be not afraid,
For reconcilliation's made."
And gave them gifts before He bade
Farewell, and so did they.

So now our risen, gloried Lord,
Has sent the Spirit ,so be assured,
He'll keep you by His Holy Word,
Until His coming day.

Gillian Dickenson