O glorious land of Heavenly light
Where walk the ransomed clothed in white,
On hills of myrrh through pastures green -
No curse, no cloud upon the scene.
Land where the crystal river glides
And fruits immortal deck its sides.

Oh land of rest in Eden's bowers
No dreary days, no weary hours!
No nights of unavailing grief
With hours of crying with no relief!
For God shall wipe away all tears
And into the past are passed our fears.
What then shall I care for all the way
that led to thee at last?
For every dark despairing day
Forever ever past.

If ever the loved of earthly years
shall welcome thee to me,
What shall I care for all those tears
that oft flowed bitterly?
If I may stand before His throne
and look upon His face,
What shall I care that oft alone,
Like him, I ran the race?
Safe on Thy ever blissful plains
My heart's own treasure gathered there -
Farewell forever sins and pains
Farewell bereavement, sorrow, care!

Author unknown