An Exaltation to the Creator

A star lies upon the seaside,
Carried thither by the tide;
Foamy waters wax and wane;
No one can their course restrain.

Horizon borders azure sky;
Fleecy clouds drift on breezes high;
Turquoise waves caress the isle,
Warmed by sunlightís golden smile.

List to the song the zephyrs bring--
The leaves are rustling--the needles sing!
Ocean and trees in harmony sweet
Worship their Maker in anthem complete.

May we, as nature, exalt Thee with praise;
Let us be joyful, all of our days;
íTil someday in heaven we gaze on that shore,
Where sorrows are ended--forevermore!

Sarah Lynn Jackson

Written to our dear Aunt Lynn, May 20, 1996.