Lord, if Thou canst fully, truly
In a searching heart as mine,
Satisfy its every longing,
With eternal love of Thine,
Then I bid Thee, come and enter,
Cast the world down at my feet,
With each pleasure sweet and tempting,
With its lies and cruel deceit.
Rend in tatters sins old strongholds,
Break in me the fleshly cry,
And, where once I craved more living,
I would ask Thee,'Let me die!'.
Fill this soul, not just with laughter,
Nor make joy and peace mine own,
Till, 'fore I am blest of comforts,
I am filled with Thee alone.
For this life of time's sour teasing,
I would gladly lay aside,
To truly find , when proud it beckons,
Christ alone has satisfied!


Gillian Dickenson