Dreams lay deep
where no one saw
the lamentations of my soul
dead but never dying
Alive, but never whole

so, looking through a window
(that looked right back through me)
are joys I know can never be
but hope can't bear to set them free

Oh! Desire that haunts me strong
for tender words and lovely song
I'll never hear - loves eyes will never see

Emotions spring up from beneath
distill upon my face - they mist my eye 
so hard, so hard it is to say goodbye 
Does heaven hear the distant lonely cry?
must I alone breath deep the heartfelt sigh?

I'll leave the dream behind
buried deep where none can see
concealed - none then could ever know 
a place my heart could never show
alone - where life's afraid to grow
but love's afraid to die

I sing now in a minor key
Oh, to turn another way
start a brighter journey
could singing happy be?

And if perchance love could take hold
and taking.. make me very bold
t'would bring my dream up from the deep
where I would capture - and would keep
for ever from that hour
hope rising up in power
like the blossom of a flower

The deep brings forth the flower.
the soul begets the rose
and love acquaints herself anew
to a heart that no one knows.

dwr 05/27/03


Poetry is a means of expression. God often puts us through deep valleys and hard places to mold our character. The poem above could seem out of place in a series that speak of God's goodness. It is included first because it chronicles the feelings of my own heart as I journeyed through pain, and secondly because I am sure there are those who will identify with these words - who understand that these things are real. Solomon wrote optimistically in Proverbs and Song of Solomon, but pessimistically about life in Ecclesiastes. God included it in his word. It is so comforting to know that Jesus cares and understands! The other poems will show that there is indeed hope and healing. 

Bro Rowley