A forgotten Friend

Almost four hundred years
Have past since I was born
My pages are all well read
My bindings are frayed and worn
Over fifty men spent seven years
Working with reverence and Godly fear
Not for riches or glory
Or things so oft adored
Men chosen by a king
And appointed by the Lord
Then I was taken all over the world
Across the oceans did I ride
Spreading the news that for your sins
God's Son was crucified
Great multitudes of you were saved
Hearing my good news
The gift of salvation from a righteous God
Why would a man refuse?
But in these last days
Before Jesus returns
You've cast me to the ground
You've replaced me with a counterfeit
Some "newer" version you've found
But I've been proven time and again
That I'm creditable and reliable
Christians should read me and defend me
I'm the King James Bible !
Mark Shannon
June 9th , 2000