Where is God?

When life is good and 
Things are fine
God is your friend afar off
You can keep him at a distance
Just keep him standing by
In case you trip or stumble

When life's a dream come true
God is your saviour afar off
You don't think you need saving
'Cause your feet feel firm
But you don't see yourself falling
When life takes a turn and 
You feel like you need to wake up
Like the nightmare that you're living
Is so much worse 
Than the ones you dream

God is your friend
Is he still shoved in a corner
When friends laugh and jeer
When you don't want to live for him
Do you still push him away

He will stick closer than a brother
And be truer than a friend
So don't keep him afar off
Keep him close till the end
And when the nightmares come 
And you can't wake up
Jesus will hold you close and 
Give you peace, as only he can.

Amy Rowley Anderson